Solution to Facebook Page problem – ”You are not permitted to access this resource”

Anders Tufvesson

We normally write in Swedish on this blog, but this information is important and useful for people all over the world, so I’ll give it to you in English.

Lots of users of Facebook Pages have a problem where they can’t update their page. An error message saying ”Not Authenticated” and ”You are not permitted to access this resource” appears.


you are not permitted to acccess this


For some users, the issue has been resolved somehow, but for a lot of users, me included, it just continues. I’ve experienced the problem since April, when I updated the page from my Facebook Page App and got the error message for the first time. After that, I couldn’t update the page neither from my app nor my computer without seeing ”Not Authenticated, You are not permitted to access this resource.”


The solution to the problem for me is to use the Safari browser in my iPhone to access the mobile version of Facebook. The address is I don’t know if this is a solution for everyone who’s experienced the problem or if it will work in the long run. But so far it has worked twice for me – once on November 28 and once today: Look at Tufvesson Nerja Casa (In Swedish).

I hope that this will help everybody with the Facebook Page problem: ”Not Authenticated”, ”You are not permitted to access this resource.”

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